Lime-a-Rita-chugging man gets hit with cup of soup on subway after chanting racial slurs

October 10, 2017

There are two clear benchmarks of very poor assessment and smack. One, drinking Bud Light Lime-a-Ritas and, two, casually falling racial slurs. Both were on display on a New York City subway this weekend, where a soul was filmed sucking down a Lime-a-Rita while singing “n****r.” The video comes via Gothamist and demonstrates a visibly intoxicated white man on the L instruct repeatedly rumbling the insinuation while passengers attempt to…


Curb and Via bring ride-sharing to NYCs Yellow Taxis

June 7, 2017

New Yorkers are about to get even more friendly!* Today, Via and Curb are bringing ride-sharing through a digital wallet to yellow taxis in the Big Apple. Both apps will let New Yorkers hail a yellow taxi with a ride-sharing option, with Vias intelligent routing platform ensuring that the driver takes the most efficient route possible on multi-passenger rides. The service can save users up to 40 percent on taxi…


Launching an aerospace startup at Mach 2 with your hair on fire

May 31, 2017

Alice Lloyd George is an investor at RRE Ventures and the host of Flux, a series of podcast conversations with leaders in frontier technology. More posts by this contributor: Accelerating the future of space technology Discussing the limits of artificial intelligence There are few industries whose evolution includes dramatic steps backwards, but thats exactly what happened in commercial aviation and its experiments in supersonic flight. For 27 years, supersonic travel was a…