I’m a Nintendo Switch N00b Who Just Got a Hands-On with Labo

February 11, 2018

Back in the bygone era before videogames, “playing” symbolized shafting around with physical toys–action fleshes, dolls, imperfections, whatever. In my home it signifies swerving wrapping paper tubing into swords and making your leader with them.( Sorry, Dad .) When gaming consoles came along, though, play for numerous boys, myself included, got a lot more sedentary. Nintendo’s recent list of Switch peripherals–known as Labo–attempt to rectify that problem, using the same…


Celeste Is Exactly How the Nintendo Switch Continues to Win

January 29, 2018

A year ago, the Nintendo Switch looked like a Hail mary from a bequest activity firm that desperately needed a win. A hybrid machine–part living-room console, segment handheld — that moved the Wii U’s kinda-portability into a success? Well, it could work…maybe. Now, of course, the Switch feels like an inevitability. It has already outsold the lifetime sales of the Wii U, and is on gait to match up with…


How to Pre-Order the Nintendo Switch Cardboard Labo Kits

January 21, 2018

Nintendo has sold a lot of Switches in the last year thanks to the console's unique ability to play games on a TV and on the go, but also thanks to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. Though they came from 30+ year-old franchises, both games helped millions fall in love with them all over again. In 2018, Nintendo is setting its sights in…


Now On Nintendo Switch, Furi Embraces the Power of a Good Boss Fight

January 17, 2018

First secreted last-place year for a bevy of other stages, Furi is all boss opposes. With pounding synth-heavy music and a visual vogue riffing off of anime and cyberpunk, it’s an incessant stream of big-bad showdowns, the kind of challenging, mano a mano defends typically helped up as rank or quest climaxes in other tournaments. With sword flashing and paws dancing in time with both the music and your enemy’s…