What do smartphones and cigarettes have in common?

January 13, 2018

(CNN)At first glance, a packet of cigarettes and a smartphone only have a passing resemblance. They are both perfectly designed rectangles that can be slipped into your pocket to stay within reach. Many users will tell you there is something strangely pleasurable about holding a cigarette pack or a mobile phone. It’s hard to think of a place where we refrain from using phones. According to a 2013 survey, almost…


Obama’s legacy is at stake

August 19, 2017

(CNN)Every president has a legacy, a moment or accomplishment or failure that, for better or worse, defines his time in the White House. The Civil Rights Act, Watergate, the Pardon, the Iran Hostage Crisis, “Tear down that wall,” “Read my lips,” the definition of “is,” September 11; all are directly associated with a president of the United States. As his final State of the Union address nears, as he enters…


US options on North Korea: It’s a choice between bad and worse

August 1, 2017

( CNN) So, it has finally happened. This entails it is time to start participate in the North Korean problem dangerously. The populace will necessitate from the politicians “to do something, ” but the unfortunate actuality is that options are highly limited. North koreans shelled a second long-range, intercontinental cruise missile on Friday Experts imagine if the projectile had been fired on a standard trajectory, it could have warned metropolis…


Missile defense wouldn’t shield US from North Korean attack

July 12, 2017

( CNN) Evaluating from the United Nations Security Council’s emergency meeting on July 5, it seems that the United States is not going to get China and Russia on board for serious collective UN sanctions against North Korea. US Ambassador Nikki Haley spoke about the United States proceeding alone if that didn’t happen, and left it iffy what that might mean. There were surely more exchanges during the G20 meeting…


Buying Whole Foods could be Amazon’s Waterloo

June 18, 2017

( CNN) When Jeff Bezos saw his now-mythical auto wander across the country to Seattle, he dreamed up the notion of an online accumulation who are able to sell everything. The founder and united states president of Amazon started with diaries, then moved into other produces. The one sphere of the retail grocery Amazon does not have a significant toe-hold in is the gigantic $ 800 billion a year grocery…


You can’t out-crazy Kim Jong Un

April 25, 2017

(CNN)President Trump had a pretty full national security plate Monday: Lunch with ambassadors from the nations that make up the UN Security Council, a meeting with his Defense Secretary and Joint Chiefs Chairman, and dinner with Republican Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Top of the menu: North Korea. In fact, speaking briefly for the cameras at that very lunch, the President made clear he finds the status quo on…


Bill Nye: Science made America great

April 23, 2017

( CNN) I was proud to join thousands of pertained citizens, canadian researchers and architects in Saturday’s March for Science. With more than 600 marches taking place around the world, we imparted that discipline is political , not adherent, and discipline should shape our policies. Although it is the necessitates by which humankind detects objective truths in quality, discipline is and has always been political. Section I, Section 8 of…