UK hospitals among those struck by widespread ransomware attacks

May 13, 2017

Cyber crime concept : Hacker/Cyber criminal pointing gun into laptop computer as if demanding money from oppositie site in exchange for unlocking computer.; Shutterstock ID 628668311Image: Shutterstock / BoonritP A widespread ransomware attack hit multiple countries across the globe on Friday, locking up computers and ransoming access in exchange for large Bitcoin payments, and also hit the UK’s National Health Service, affecting computers at hospitals and doctors’ offices. SEE ALSO:…


Spy behind Trump dossier says info was never meant for public eyes

May 3, 2017

Washington( CNN) The former British agent behind the dossier alleging ties between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia vows his experiment was dire enough to share with top American and British officials, but declares some of his creation was not fully verified, according to field records registered last-place month in London. In the new law filing gaining access to CNN, lawyers for former British agent Christopher Steele “re saying that”…


Donald Trump is reportedly making an American Technology Council

May 2, 2017

Image: DREW ANGERER/GETTY IMAGES And you thought President Donald Trump forgot about the cyber? SEE ALSO: Trumpcare might be gone but the internet is memeing it to death just in case No way. President Trump is planning to establish an American Technology Council, Axios reported Monday, that will help the government “deliver better digital services” and coordinate other strategies on tech policy. The first meeting is expected to be early…


Climate marches draw hundreds of thousands on Donald Trumps 100th day in office

April 30, 2017

Hundreds of millions of demonstrators rallied in municipalities around the country tagging President Donald Trumps 100 th date in bureau with protests against his environmental policies. In Washington, organizers of the climate march calculated some 200,000 people established up to march, blocking wall street and snarling transaction on a sweltering date where temperatures threatened to break records. The #ClimateMarch in Washington DC is moving through wall street, and it is…


Passive-aggressive postcards you can print and send to your terrible Congressperson

April 23, 2017

Image: ambar del moral/mashable Real activism requires sacrifice. And the greatest sacrifice of all is being forced to talk to a random stranger on the phone. Calls to Congress increased 164 percent in Trump’s first month in office, according to the a report by calling profile company Hiya. But not everyone who’s anxious about the fate of the world has the strength to talk to their representatives directly. Some of…