More funding for AI cybersecurity: Darktrace raises $75M at an $825M valuation

July 12, 2017

With cybercrime projected to reap some $6 trillion in damages by 2021, and businesses likely to invest around $1 trillionover the next five years to try to mitigate that, were seeing a rise of startups that are building innovative ways to combat malicious hackers. In the latest development, Darktrace a cybersecurity firm that uses machine learning to detect and stop attacks has raised $75 million, giving the startup a post-money…


TrueFace.AI is here to catch the facial recognition tricksters

July 9, 2017

TrueFace.AI knows if it's looking at a real face or just a photo of one.Image: ian waldie/Getty Images Facial recognition technology is more prevalent than ever before. It’s being used to identify people in airports, put a stop to child sex trafficking, and shame jaywalkers. But the technology isn’t perfect. One major flaw: It sometimes can’t tell the difference between a living person’s face and a photo of that person…


We just dodged an expanded electronics ban — for now

June 30, 2017

Security just ramped up for anyone flying into the U.S.Image: Spencer Platt/Getty Images) We’ve been waiting for the electronics ban to expand beyond flights coming to the U.S. from the Middle East and parts of Africa, but on Wednesday the U.S. Department of Homeland Security made it sound like some new security procedures are all we should expect at least, for the moment. SEE ALSO: Emirates offers ingenious workaround to…


Illumio, a specialist in segmented security, raises $125M at $1b+ valuation

June 9, 2017

Another day, another major round of funding for a security startup, underscoring just how active the area of IT protection is right now both in terms of business need and as an investment opportunity. Today, Illumio a startup that provides data center and cloud security services, monitoring and protecting individual applications and processes within an enterprise network by segmenting them is announcing that it has raised $125 million in a…


Apple hints its handed over metadata on UK terror suspects

June 7, 2017

Apple CEO Tim Cook has revealed the company has been co-operating with the UK government in handing over metadata in the wake of a series of terror attacks in the country which he described as horrendous. Cook was speaking in an interview with Bloomberg following the first day of Apples WWDC developer event yesterday. Responding to a question about Apples stance over privacy and security in the face of ongoing…


Cloud security broker Netskope raises $100m more led by Lightspeed and Accel

June 7, 2017

As enterprises continue to move more of their computing to the cloud, and across an ever-expanding range of devices from computers to phones and tablets and more, hackers continue to find ways to break into those systems resulting an unprecedented number of breaches globally. Now, one of the more prominent security startups fighting this has raised a significant round of funding to help tackle the issue head-on. Netskope a cloud-access…


We want to limit use of e2e encryption, confirms UK minister

June 6, 2017

The UK government has once again amped up its attacks on tech platforms use of end-to-end encryption, and called for International co-operation to regulate the Internet so that it cannot be used as a safe space for extremists to communicate and spread propaganda online. The comments by UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, and Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, come in the wake of another domestic terrorist attack, the third since March,…


It’s picture day at the airport: Flying is all about facial recognition now

June 4, 2017

Biometrics technology.Image: ian waldie/Getty Images Traveling through the world’s airports has never been simple. Just this week, the Trump Administration announced a new procedure in which visa applicants must provide years worth of social media history, among other hassles. But a new technology may help get passengers on their way more quickly, and maybe even reduce stress if it works properly and passengers are ok with its privacy implications. SEE…


Report: Microsoft to buy security firm Hexadite for $100M as Cloudyn still in progress

May 25, 2017

While we wait to get more news on Microsoft Calacalist reported earlier today that Microsoft is paying $100 million to acquireacquire Cloudyn, a company that monitors and optimises a companys operations across multi-vendor cloud architectures. Contacted for a response, Microsoft declined to comment on the latest report earlier today. And Hexadite and its co-foundersBarak Klinghofer, $10.5 million in funding, according to Crunchbase, with investors including HP Ventures, YL Ventures, TenEleven…


CrowdStrike, the firm investigating Russian hacks, raised $100M, now valued around $1B

May 18, 2017

The business of hacking has coped a huge punch to ourdemocracy , not to mention a plethora of organizations and individuals, and our collective impression of normality. One silver lining, nonetheless, has been that it has led to the arrival of a number of security startupsthat are building and deploying a range of tools to try to road and halting the nefarious act. One of the larger of these, That…