This is how not to handle a complaint about misogynist behaviour

January 10, 2018

Heads up, companies: when a woman makes a complaint about the misogynist behaviour of a male employee, take her seriously.  Sadly, this isn’t what happened when a woman complained to a UK train company about the dismissive and patronising conduct of one of their train conductors. Instead, her complaint was met with a snarky and completely tone deaf response.  SEE ALSO: Watch 11-year-old Meghan Markle protesting a sexist ad on…


Woman seeks career advice on the tech industry, gets the sleaziest reply

September 4, 2017

It’s a sad state of affairs when a woman reaches out for career advice from an industry influencer, and instead finds herself on the receiving end of inappropriate messages. When 18-year-old Lydia Jones contacted a male entrepreneur for career advice, the conversation quickly took a handbrake turn into creepy territory. SEE ALSO: Yes, that controversial Google diversity rant matters. Like, really matters. Jones’ says she wanted a steer on entering…


Female founders accuse VC Justin Caldbeck of making unwanted advances

June 24, 2017

Yesterday The Information reported on allegations made by half a dozen women working in the tech industry who say they have faced unwanted and inappropriate advances from Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Justin Caldbeck, co-founder and managing partner of Binary Capital. (Pictured above speaking about deal sourcing in this YouTube video.) The women include Niniane Wang, co-creator of Google Desktop and a prior CTO of Minted; and Susan Ho and Leiti…


Ubers toxic culture risks its driverless future, too

June 22, 2017

So Ubers blowhard-in-chief Travis Kalanick is finally out, out as CEO after some of its most prominent investors put the squeeze on him to go (not just take a time out). Scandal after scandal has hammered the company in recent times, culminating in an external investigation into a corporate culture accused by a former female employee of being rife with sexism, aggression and inequality. Kalanicks aggressive style of management has…