A template for investor/founder sexual harassment policy

July 6, 2017

This policy template is a collaborative effort by a group of whistleblowers, investors, founders, and activists, compiled by TechCrunch. The full list of contributors can be found below. Venture capitalists need to adopt formal policies to protect startup founders from sexual harassment, assault, and discrimination throughout the fundraising process. The policy template below was created to facilitate the creation of comprehensive, enforceable investor/founder sexual harassment policies. It also seeks to…


Uber delivers letter of sexual harassment probe recommendations

June 14, 2017

Former Attorney General Eric Holder and his regulation partner Tammy Albarran announced some most anticipated recommendations based on an internal harassment probe to employees in an all-hands powwow this morning. The board agreed, after several hours on Sunday to choose all 10 recommendations given by rule firm Covington& Burling LLP, where Owner and Albarran are marriages. You can read the 13 -page letter with all recommendations here. But tl ;d…