Amazon is working on smart glasses to house Alexa AI, says FT

October 1, 2017

Amazon is working on building a pair of smart glasses to house its Alexa voice assistant, and a home security camera that could be linked to its existing Echo connected devices to further expand their capabilities, according to a report in the FT citing people familiar with the company’s plans. The newspaper says one or both of these products could be launched before the end of the year, alongside updates…


Delta Will Promote Pilots to Captainif They Can Fly This Aging Plane

September 29, 2017

Since almost the beginning of the commercial airline business, junior pilots have had to toil years in the second chair waiting to win a pair of captain’s wings. Now Delta Air Lines Inc. is offering them the chance to vault into a captain’s seat in as little as six months. The catch? The promotion requires flying an unloved, aging plane nicknamed the “Mad Dog” that Delta plans to retire in…


This Gadget Tells You If Your Handbag Is a Fake

September 29, 2017

Distinguishing an authentic Louis Vuitton bag from a well-made fake is a subtle art that involves counting stitches, feeling the leather’s grain and poring over print patterns. A New York startup says it has a technology that can spot counterfeits without the guesswork. Entrupy’s solution is a handheld microscope camera that lets anyone with a smartphone check a luxury accessory within minutes. Since launching the service a year ago, the…


How Apple Plans to Change the Way You Use the Next iPhone

September 28, 2017

Apple Inc. plans to transform the way people use its next high-end iPhone by eliminating the concept of a home button and making other adjustments to a flagship device that’s becoming almost all screen, according to images of the new device viewed by Bloomberg News and people familiar with the gadget.  The home button is the key to the iPhone and the design hasn’t changed much since it launched in 2007. Currently, users click it…


Bitcoin Tumbles as PBOC Declares Initial Coin Offerings Illegal

September 27, 2017

Bitcoin tumbled the most since July after China’s central bank said initial coin offerings are illegal and asked all related fundraising activity to be halted immediately, issuing the strongest regulatory challenge so far to the burgeoning market for digital token sales. The Read more: The Chinese ICO crackdown — a Gadfly column ICOs are digital token sales that have seen unchecked growth over the past year, raising threat to their reign….


Bitcoin is a fraud that will blow up, says JP Morgan boss

September 24, 2017

Jamie Dimon claims cryptocurrency is only fit for use by drug dealers, murderers and people living in North Korea Bitcoin is a fraud that will ultimately blow up, according to JP Morgan boss Jamie Dimon, who said the digital currency was only fit for use by drug dealers, murderers and people living in places such as North Korea. Speaking at a conference in New York, the boss of Americas biggest…


Jamie Dimon Slams Bitcoin as a Fraud

September 19, 2017

JPMorgan Chase& Co. Chief Executive Officer Tulips are a reference to the mania that cleaned Holland in the 17 th century, with adventurers driving up tolls of practically worthless tulip bulb to inordinate tiers. That didn’t boundary well. In bitcoin’s case, Dimon said he’s skeptical approvals will allow a currency to lie without government omission, extremely if something is wrong with you.” Someone’s going to get killed and then the…


Origami-inspired clothing range that grows with your child wins Dyson award

September 15, 2017

London-based designer Ryan Yasin used his background in aeronautical engineering to develop sustainable clothing to fit babies through to toddlers An James Dyson award. Ryan Yasin recent survey by Aviva) parents spend an average of 2,000 on clothing before their child reaches the age of three. As well as the high cost and limited lifespan, mass production of garments places huge pressure on the environment through technology with textiles in…


Get The Whole Online Experience By Trying Our Internet Simulator

September 13, 2017

This feature requires JavaScript to operate . Begin Simulation. Wow. You are a very rare person who is known as “an outdoorsy type.” You have no interest in the Internet, and you never have to delete your history because you never had one. When someone asks if you would like to look at a website with them, “theyre saying”, “No, I prefer to read a diary or look at a…


Equifaxs Hacking Nightmare Gets Even Worse For Victims

September 12, 2017

After Equifax Inc. been demonstrated that sensitive data on two of every 5 Americans was explained in a cyberattack, thousands entered onto a company website to see if they were at risk. For many, the website didn’t work at first. But for those who got through, a bad surprise was waiting. If your data had been stolen, Equifax offered a free time of credit monitoring known as” TrustedID Premier .”…