The 40 best gadgets of 2017

November 24, 2017

The definitive list of tech and luxury items to have in your pocket, in your home and parked outside 1 TOY ROBOTNintendo Switch (280) modular gaming tablet offers an entirely new approach to video-gaming, merging the Wii and the DS in a convivial hybrid. As testament to its success, more and more non-Nintendo games are being released for the device and video streaming services are coming soon. 3 INTERACTIVE TOUCH-SCREEN…


Germany bans children’s ‘smart’ watches over surveillance concerns

November 18, 2017

Telecoms regulator urges parents to destroy the devices, which have been used to listen in on classroom lessons Germanys telecoms regulator has bannedthe sale of smart watches that can be used by parents to check on their children, saying the devices violated Germanys strict surveillance laws. The Federal Network Agency said it had already taken action against several firms that sell the watches online but did not name them. It…


Apple 13in MacBook Pro (2017) review: battery life to get through a working day

November 17, 2017

With its build quality, excellent keyboard and improved longevity, this is one of the nicest computers you can buy but it will cost you Apples 13in MacBook Pro for 2017 now has battery life that matches the power of the hardware and the beauty of the design, even if it is still very expensive. When the new, redesigned MacBook Pro was iPhone X comes with with Face ID it perhaps…


Samsung makes record profit of $109m a day as chip demand soars

November 4, 2017

Electronics monstrous establishes $10 bn profit in merely three months on the back of strong marketings and relaunch of Galaxy smartphones South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics entered a record advantage of 11. 2trn acquired- $10 bn( PS7. 6bn)- in the July to September period, it said on Tuesday, its better for any quarter. The world’s biggest reminiscence chip and smartphone maker had its de facto leader prison in August…


Amazon Tops Sales Estimates on Subscribers, Whole Foods

October 27, 2017

estimates. The answers reassured investors that the company can integrate its biggest-ever possession — Whole Foods Market Inc. — without disrupting its predominating e-commerce execution. Shares rose as much as 8.5 percent in extended trading. The stock shut at $972.43 in New York and has gained 30 percent this year. Whole Foods generated $21 million of operating income in the period, which included a few months of sales. Revenue from”…


Kitchen gadgets review: Vertuo coffee machine a haughty home barrista

October 26, 2017

While the plastic pods seem like harbingers of the death of the earth, the coffee is so good youll never need go out for java again What? Nespresso independent coffee shop they know, and speak to the staff in a foreign language. American Gibraltars, no social contact at all? Thats where pod coffee comes in. Im staring at plastic pods seems like a harbinger of the death of the earth….


Honolulu now fines people up to $99 for texting while crossing road

October 26, 2017

Hawaiian city police design punitive fee for when distracted walkers wont stop staring at their smartphones Our smartphone obsession has reached a new low. The Hawaiian city of Honolulu has resorted to fining people up to $99 for staring at the devices, to try and force people to look up from their phones while crossing the road. The new law gives police the power to fine people up to $35…


Dorm room gadgets to make your college experience unforgettable

October 18, 2017

Image: Grado College is where you go to make friends and impress parties — easier said than done, right? Among the little stunts you can attract to get fellow students inside your dormitory room( aside from leaving your entrance open, putting out snacks, and consistently playing acoustic guitar) there are ways to increase the foot traffic into your apartment and see these sorts of brand-new acquaintances you’ll keep forever. One…


How ‘Blade Runner 2049’ proves that our future needs to be female

October 16, 2017

The evolution of man, capitalism, and patriarchyImage: wb studios Spoiler alert: This post contains plot details for Blade Runner 2049. Blade Runner 2049 is a cinematic marvel full of haunting, vivid, messy messages about what it means to be human.  As a solemn odyssey through the anxieties of modern man, 2049 tells the story of a futuristic capitalist society finally reckoning with its systemic oppression of mother nature and, by…


Google CEO Sets AI-First Device Blueprint to Catch Apple

October 10, 2017

Google unveiled the second generation of its own devices along with an array of entirely new gadgets, plowing the company deeper into a competitive consumer hardware market. But at its splashy press event in San Francisco, Google executives announced each device with a repetitive focus on its artificial intelligence software. That drumbeat served as a reminder that the tech giant’s hardware strategy centers on keeping its lucrative web services relevant…