So, BMW Wants to Build Networks of Elevated Cycling Paths

December 7, 2017

In its first century as a company, BMW has made industrial engines, motorcycles, Steve Urkel’s Isetta, and a whole lot of cars. Now, it wants to build something altogether new: an elevated bike path. This week, the automaker’s somewhat redundantly named Research, New Technologies, Innovations division, based in Mountain View, Tokyo, and Seoul, revealed its idea of building a network of bike lanes above street level. It’s called the E3…


Buying a smart suitcase? Make sure it has a removable battery.

December 5, 2017

Smart suitcases like the Samsara bag will be more of a hassle to check in on planes starting in the new year.Image: SAMSARA That “smart” suitcase might not be the best gift idea thanks to new checked baggage restrictions from several major airlines. On Friday, American Airlines announced that starting Jan. 15, only smart suitcases with removable batteries will be allowed on planes. The same goes for Delta and Alaska…


Netflix hopes to be entertaining us on grueling flights by 2018

September 29, 2017

The nightmare life: Netflix on plane TVs Image: Mashable composite: netflix and Nadir Keklik/ ap rex/ shutterstock In an attempt to expand streaming access( and obligate traveling more passable ), Netflix is taking flight in 2018. As Variety reports, the company announced at Monday’s 2017 APEX Expo that it’s looking to partner with airline carriers in hopes of sharing its low-bandwidth mobile streaming engineering with them to improve in-flight wi-fi…


Via raises $250M led by Daimler to bring its carpooling technology to Europe

September 10, 2017

As outsized ridesharing business like Uber and Lyft continue to build out their taxi-style marketplaces chiefly based around connecting individual fares to individual moves, a startup focused squarely on the carpooling opening has raised a large round of funding to expand outside of the U.S. Via — which has developed a shuttle-based carpooling service that it proposals directly in the U.S. for a flat-rate starting at$ 5, as well as…


Elon Musk just gave us our first real look at Tesla’s newest car

July 10, 2017

Elon Musk was the first to share images of the new Model 3.Image: tesla The Tesla Model 3 is finally here. After months of hype, a bonkers production plan, and multiple prototypes spotted zooming around California, Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed the first production Model 3. First Production Model 3 Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 9, 2017 Ira Ehrenpreis had rights to 1st car as he was 1st to place…


Volvo’s self-driving cars are thwarted by kangaroos

July 2, 2017

Self-driving cars, beware.Image: Shutterstock / Max Niessen Self-driving cars can make it through ice, snow, thunderstorms, and the winding streets of Pittsburgh. What can’t they handle? Kangaroos. Volvo admitted this week that its self-driving technology’s “Large Animal Detection system” was flummoxed by kangaroos. SEE ALSO: Check out the first photos of Waymo’s self-driving big rig The cars can deal with roaming deer, elk, and caribou, but can’t process kangaroos because…


We just dodged an expanded electronics ban — for now

June 30, 2017

Security just ramped up for anyone flying into the U.S.Image: Spencer Platt/Getty Images) We’ve been waiting for the electronics ban to expand beyond flights coming to the U.S. from the Middle East and parts of Africa, but on Wednesday the U.S. Department of Homeland Security made it sound like some new security procedures are all we should expect at least, for the moment. SEE ALSO: Emirates offers ingenious workaround to…


Apple devices being investigated for possible connection to EgyptAir crash: report

May 28, 2017

One year later, the crash of EgyptAir Flight 804 is still being investigatedImage: Ranner/AP/REX/Shutterstock French officials have opened an investigation into the possibility that a deadly Egypt Air crash in May 2016 could have been caused by a fire resulting from two Apple products overheating. The report comes from French paper Le Parisen (via Business Insider), which says French investigators are pursuing a theory that a pair of mobile devices…


Ford’s taking another step into the modern age of the connected car

May 20, 2017

Ford's infotainment units are adding better iOS and Android integration.Image: Ford Some of Ford’s SYNC 3-enabled cars are finally getting an update to match the rest of the connected car ecosystem. The automaker’s 2016 model-year line will be eligible for an infotainment center software upgrade that will add Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, giving drivers a better connection with their phones while they’re on the road. Ford announced the update…


Judge blocks top Uber engineer from working on self-driving tech due to lawsuit

May 16, 2017

Another big roadblock for Uber's self-driving projectsImage: Eric Risberg/AP/REX/Shutterstock Uber’s self-driving program will live to drive another day. A federal judge on Monday said that Uber will be allowed to go forward with its self-driving car program even as it faces another obstacle in its ongoing lawsuit with Google over self-driving technology. SEE ALSO: Lyft teams with Google’s Waymo for self-driving cars It’s not all good news for Uber. A…