The US Government must work with tech companies if it wants to remain competitive in AI

August 12, 2017

U.S. Secretary of DefenseJames Mattis is gathering his tech tour of the West Coast today with a tour to Googles Mountain View campus.Mattis spent go at Amazon and DiuX, the Defense Innovation Unit Experimental , earlier in the week. His key takeaway from all the socializing with tech commanders is that the Department of Defense needs to embrace technology coming out of the private sector if it hopes to stay…


YC-backed Muzmatch definitely doesnt want to be Tinder for Muslims

August 4, 2017

At first glance, YC-backed Muzmatchs dating app might look best described as a Tinder for Muslims. But co-founders Shahzad Younas and Ryan Brodie are clear about what sets their target audience apart from the casual dating/hook-up crowd: a genuine intent to find a partner in order to get married. Which is why, they say, theyre definitely not just cloning Tinder for Muslims. Our audience is super captivated, theyre so invested…


As the LA venture market booms, Upfront closes its sixth fund with $400 million

June 30, 2017

Los Angeles is the third largest market for venture capital investment in the United States with $4.2 billion invested in the last year alone, and its perhaps the market where capital commitments are increasing at the fastest pace. With the public offering of Snap, and the billion dollar exits for both Dollar Shave Club and Qlogic, the city has also proven to be a place where investors are posting real…


Transports coming upheaval

June 26, 2017

Cyrus Radfar is a founding engineer of AddThis, which was acquired by Oracle. More poles by this help: Is Whole Foods a healthful option for Amazon ? Tyrant in the system


Why pulling out of Paris Accord damages Americas economic future

June 3, 2017

More posts by this contributor: The need for algorithmic accountability Unscaling politics Pullingoutof the Parisagreementon climate change will become one of the greatest economic blunders by a U.S. president in our lifetimes. People can disagree about the scientific premise behind climate change, butits an inescapable fact thatthe world is driving ahead to replace carbon energy with clean energy anyway. That makes advanced energy technologies one of the biggest business opportunities of…


Trumps cybersecurity executive order is a good first step

May 14, 2017

More posts by this contributor: In Communications, Privacy And Security Are Illusions Happy New Year — Unless You’re A Startup A significant piece of cybersecurity news nearly drowned out by the firing of FBI Director James Comey. There aretwo overriding pointsregarding President Trumps executive order (EO) outlining plans to improve data security for federal agencies and to better protect critical U.S. infrastructure. Firstly, this development was truly important a serious call to…


Trump signs long-delayed executive order on cybersecurity

May 12, 2017

President Trump signed a executive order today commanding a review of the United States cybersecurity capabilities. Trump was initially set to sign the order shortly after his inauguration in January and held a press conference on the issue, but ultimately delayed the signing. The version of the order signed today bears some similarity to the earlier draft, but does contain some notable changes. For instance, the order puts responsibility for…


Xiaomi sneaks into North America with Mexico launch

May 11, 2017

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is preparing toenter North America, but it isnt quitethe launch you may be waiting on. The company, it downsized its operations there last year following issues with taxation and manufacturing policies. Despite that setback, the company seems keen to expand in the region. Mexico is a really important market for us and acts as our starting point to reach the rest of Latin America,Donovan Sung, director…


Climate marches draw hundreds of thousands on Donald Trumps 100th day in office

April 30, 2017

Hundreds of millions of demonstrators rallied in municipalities around the country tagging President Donald Trumps 100 th date in bureau with protests against his environmental policies. In Washington, organizers of the climate march calculated some 200,000 people established up to march, blocking wall street and snarling transaction on a sweltering date where temperatures threatened to break records. The #ClimateMarch in Washington DC is moving through wall street, and it is…


Tencent to open AI research center in Seattle

April 29, 2017

Chinese tech corporation Tencent will be opening a brand-new AI research center in Seattle, open its first data center in Silicon Valley . Yu Dong, formally of Microsoft Research, is said to be leading the U.S. effort. He lately met Tencent and is normally focused on the nexus of communication approval and penetrating learn. Tencenthas a clear interest in developing a personal assistant that could hold its commodities together and…