One Man’s Quest to Make Google’s Gadgets Great

February 10, 2018

Good was supposed to be a software company, but it needed a vessel for its system. The leadership team met with BlackBerry, which had recently originated meeting smartphones. Once BlackBerry execs interpreted what Good had built, “they disliked it, because it was practice better than their application, ” Osterloh says. “And they recognise we were an antagonist , not a friend.” Palm and Danger were working on smartphones, as was…


Amazon beefs up drone delivery R&D in Cambridge

May 6, 2017

Amazon is expanding its R& D facilities in Cambridge, UK, witha plan to move intoa new 60,000 sq ft locate in the city withcapacity for more than 400 staff. Cambridge University, one of the UKs top rank academic institutions, has a strong places great importance on science explaining why a raft of tech conglomerates( yesterday, Amazon enunciated staff at the site will includemachine learning scientists, knowledge engineers, data scientists, numerical…