#AintNoCinderella: Indian women mock politician who blamed stalking victim

August 9, 2017

Women share photos of themselves staying out after midnight after party official said woman chased in her car late at night had brought it on herself Indian women have been posting images of themselves out after midnight with defiant messages after a male politician suggested a woman who was chased in her car by two men shouldnt have been gone out so late in the night. Varnika Kundu claimed she…


Remains of 9/11 victim identified 16 years after terror attack

August 8, 2017

First new identification since March 2015 made possible by more sensitive DNA technology that tests bone fragments The remains of a man killed at the World Trade Center on 9/11 have been identified nearly 16 years after the terror attacks. His name was withheld at his familys request, the New York City medical examiners office said. The announcement marked the first new identification made since March 2015 in the painstaking,…


WannaCry ‘hero’ to plead not guilty to accusation he wrote banking malware

August 5, 2017

US attorneys claim Marcus Hutchins, heralded as incidental hero for stopping major ransomware attack, admitted to creating Kronos malware targeting banks The British defence investigate who stopping the WannaCry ransomware attack, is accused of helping to create, spread and insist the banking trojan Kronos between 2014 and 2015 and is fronting six weighs of hacking-related commissions from the US Department of Justice( DoJ ), according to a lately unsealed indictment….


Hilly Lisbon launches electric bike share system in bid to solve congestion

August 4, 2017

Madrid has its scheme, while Muswell Hills never happened. Hilly cities from Rome to Rio will be watching as Lisbon starts e-bike hire Wander around Lisbons city centre with its vertiginous cobbled streets, treacherous enough on foot in the rain, its hard to imagine cycling ever taking off. Some streets are so steep there are funiculars to help you scale them, and Lisboetas on bikes are a rare sight outside…


‘This is definitely a moment’: Olympics crown LA’s remarkable renaissance

August 3, 2017

Securing the 2028 Olympics is just the latest success for Los Angeles, a city thats witnessing a turnaround. But can it keep up the momentum? Outsiders have long enjoyed mocking theclinched the right to host the 2028 Olympic Games. And why mayor Eric Garcetti is exuberant. This shows that LA is still a can-do city. We didnt make a bid that said, if the Olympics comes well do all these…


Father of Afghan robotics team captain killed in Isis attack

August 3, 2017

Death toll from attack on Herat mosque descend to at least 36, including parent of 14-year-old Fatima Qaderyan The death toll from a suicide attack on a mosque in Herat in west Afghanistan has descended to at least 36, prompting anti-government rallies in what is usually considered to be one of Afghanistans safest cities. Among the victims was the father of a youthful daughter who commanded Tuesdays attack, which targeted…


Palantir: the special ops tech giant that wields as much real-world power as Google

July 31, 2017

Peter Thiels CIA-backed, data-mining firm honed its crime predicting techniques against insurgents in Iraq. The same methods are now being sold to police departments. Will they inflame already tense relations between the public and the police? In Palantir, the CIA-backed startup, is Minority Report come true. It is all-powerful, yet no one knows it even exists. Palantir does not have an office, it has a SCIF on a back street…


Airbnb sued by woman who says she was sexually assaulted by ‘superhost’

July 28, 2017

Lawsuit filed by Leslie Lapayowker alleges Airbnb of omission after she said she was attacked by a multitude who was not properly screened An Airbnb guest is seeking to hold the company accountable for the purposes of an alleged forcible intercourse, claiming in a first-of-its-kind prosecution that she was attacked by a legion who was not properly screened. The suit, filed Thursday by Leslie Lapayowker, invokes fresh the issue of…


Somalia back online after entire country cut off from internet for three weeks

July 18, 2017

Internet providers attributed the nation-wide outage to a commercial send that they said cut an undersea cable Somalias internet has reverted after an outage of more than three weeks payment the Horn of Africa society about $10 m a day. Hormuud Telecom, the countrys largest telecom company, announced the restoration of service in a message to subscribers. The loss of internet service sparked feeling across Somalia and affected the central…


Bunkering down: sales of nuclear shelters climb in Japan wary of North Korea tests

July 17, 2017

Fears of devastating shakes and tsunamis are giving way to relates over atomic onslaught following various missile measures conducted by Pyongyang A brief research trip to Japans north-east coast to witness the consequences of the VX and sarin. But today, it is the potential for a manmade calamity , not a natural woe, that has convinced the retired professor that he was right to part with almost 8m yens to…