Google Doodle offers Earth Days tips via trio of furry environmental activists

April 23, 2017

Image: google Google Doodles are a regular source of unexpected joy, and Earth Day is no exception, with the search giant crafting a special, children’s book style message of love for our planet. SEE ALSO: Bill Nye shuts down flat Earth theories The new doodle tells the story of a fox that has a nightmare about fish dying in the sea and penguins losing their homes to arctic melting. The…


Man alleges a cell phone tower gave him cancer, court orders shut down

April 19, 2017

Image: Getty Images In a unique ruling, Indias Supreme Court has ordered to shut down a mobile tower after a man alleged that he got cancer from its radiation. Last year, Madhya Pradesh-resident Harish Chand Tiwari had approached India’s apex court, the highest judicial forum in the country, alleging that a mobile tower from state-run telecom operator BSNL exposed him to harmful radiation. SEE ALSO: India’s Silicon Valley gets a…