All 50 startups from Y Combinators Summer 2017 Demo Day 1

September 8, 2017

Biotech and neural networks have emerged as the top startup tends at Y Combinator‘s 25 th Demo Day. The 124 companionships presenting at the inventor school’s twice-yearly graduation happening compose YC’s largest batch from its 12.5 years running. YC partner Michael Seibel kicked off the occasion by repetition the accelerator’s commitment to advancing diversity in Silicon Valley. In this class, 12 percent of the founders are female and 9.5 percentage…


Plasticity wants to help chatbots seem less robotic

August 12, 2017

Y Combinator backed Plasticityis tackling the problem of getting software systems to better understand text, using deep learning models trained to understand what theyre reading on Wikipedia articles and offering an API for developers to enhance their own interfaces. Specifically theyre offering two APIs for developers to build more robust conversational interfaces, as they put it with the aim of becoming a centralized solution for Natural Language Processing (NLP). Their…


Lambda School aims to cash in by upskilling untapped talent

August 8, 2017

As the saying goes, the future is already here its just not very evenly distributed. Also not evenly distributed: Access to the expensive education typically needed to stand a chance of obtaining one of the jobs of the future. Y Combinator backedLambda School is hoping to change this, with a model for funding higher education that aims to shoulder the risk burden on behalf of talented students, absorbing tuition fees…


Escher Reality is building the backend for cross-platform mobile AR

August 7, 2017

The potential of mobile augmented reality is clear. Last summer Pokemon Go gave a glimpse of just how big this craze could be, as thousands of excited humans converged on parks, bus stops and other locations around the world to chase virtual monsters through the lens of their smartphones. Apple was also watching. And this summer the company signaled its own conviction in the technology by announcing ARKit: a developer…


VergeSenses AI sensing hardware tackles facility management

August 5, 2017

Facility management might not sound like the sexiest use of AI technology. But office space can be a huge expense for larger businesses the biggest after staff costs which is why Y Combinator-backed startup, VergeSense, says its settled on facility management as the initial target for an AI-powered sensing device its been developing since joining the incubator program in May. Their sensor as a system platform, as they dub it,…


YC-backed Muzmatch definitely doesnt want to be Tinder for Muslims

August 4, 2017

At first glance, YC-backed Muzmatchs dating app might look best described as a Tinder for Muslims. But co-founders Shahzad Younas and Ryan Brodie are clear about what sets their target audience apart from the casual dating/hook-up crowd: a genuine intent to find a partner in order to get married. Which is why, they say, theyre definitely not just cloning Tinder for Muslims. Our audience is super captivated, theyre so invested…


HotelFlex lets you check in and out of a hotel at whatever time you want

July 29, 2017

Most would agree that the worst part of traveling is timing the hotel check in. Either you get off a redeye and have to figure out what to do all day while waiting to check in, or you arrive late at night and waste money paying for a room you didnt get to use all day. Enter HotelFlex. Part of Y Combinators summer 2017 batch, the startup wants to change…


Quora for cancer startup theMednet raises $1.3 million in seed funding

July 15, 2017

TheMednet propelled out of Y Combinator earlier this year to create physicians a intelligent pulpit for meeting best available in care study, starting with cancer. Ithas now fostered $1.3 million in seed funding to help it contact even more of those physicians. The funding comes from Endure Capital, Lumia Capital, The Hope Foundation, The Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation and a knot of angel investors, including Quoras Charlie Cheever,…


Marketing data startup Segment raises $64M

July 14, 2017

Segment has raised $64 million in Series C funding, with the Y Combinator Continuity Fund and GV leading the round. The continuity fund is the $700 million fund led by former Twitter COO Ali Rowghani. It selectively writes checks for YC startups as they raise bigger rounds. As part of the deal, Rowghani will be joining Segments board of directors. In the funding announcement, he said the startup is on…


YC-backed Vidcode raises $1.5M to teach teens to code using Snapchat filters, videos, memes and more

July 8, 2017

Vidcode, a Y Combinator-backed startup focused on teaching teens how to code, has raised $1.5 million in seed funding for its curriculum. While there are a number of learn-to-code platforms out there today, Vidcodes approach is to make coding more interesting to teens by connecting it to their existing interests like Snapchat filters and memes while also allowing young coders to leverage their own photos, videos and audio in their…