Tesla Finishes First Solar RoofsIncluding Elon’s House

First the Model 3 electric car. Now the solar roof. In time 1 week, Tesla has objection two distinct manufactures with radically new concoctions.

Tesla has completed its first solar ceiling installations, the company reported Wednesday as part of a second-quarter earnings report. Just like the first Model 3 purchasers, who made their keys last week, the first solar ceiling patrons are Tesla hires. By selling to them first, Tesla alleges it hopes to work out any quirks in the sales and installation process before taking it to a wider public audience.

” I have them on my home, JB has them on his house ,” Musk alleged, be submitted to Tesla’s Chief Technology Officer J.B. Straubel.” This is version one. I think this roof is going to look actually knock-out as we are only keep iterating .”

One of the first completed installations of a Tesla Solar Roof.


Tesla opened up its online accumulate in May and began making $1,000 lodges for smooth pitch-black and textured-glass ceiling tiles that are virtually indistinguishable from high-end roofing. From most examining slants, the slick modern shingles look like standard fabrics, but they give glowing to pass through onto a solar cell embedded beneath a tempered face. The first stations were supposed to start in June. Tesla didn’t say when the actual installings took place.

The company has been adopting an Apple Store programme for solar power since acquiring SolarCity Corp. last year for$ 2 billion. The plan is to cut down on the prices associated with actively relating new clients, and instead captivate them passively through its upscale automobile stores in shopping mall and other high-traffic points. Initial visitations felt the new approach was 50 to 100 percent guys more efficient than at the best non-Tesla points selling SolarCity commodities. Tesla halted SolarCity’s door-to-door marketings earlier this year and is staffing up more than 70 stores for solar sales.

Can you tell which shingles have solar cells?


For total quarterly solar stations, Tesla rebounded a bit from an underwhelming first quarter–its first full part after it bought SolarCity. It deployed 176 megawatts, up from 150 megawatts the prior part, but less than the 201 megawatts that SolarCity installed in the second largest quarter of 2016. At least part of the slowdown may be due to the ceased its door-to-door marketings. The corporation said it expects to see swelling again in the fourth quarter.

Production of the tiles embarked at Tesla’s Fremont solar flora in California, but will shift later this year to its new plant in Buffalo, New York, with added financings from Tesla’s partner, Panasonic. Musk said earlier that initial sales will be limited by constructing capability. As make ramps up into 2018, sales will begin in the U.K ., Australia, and elsewhere, along with the introduction of additional sculpted terra cotta and slate versions of the solar roof, is in accordance with previous reports from the company.


Tesla’s basic premise is to conclude solar ownership most attractive and affordable by eliminating the need to install both a roof solar panels. Tesla responds it will manage the whole process of solar ceiling installation, including removal of existing roof, layout, permits, installing, and maintenance. The company estimates that each installation will take about a week.

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