The boss who lives as a medieval knight – BBC News

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Media captionThe boss in glistening armor. By video writer Greg Brosnan

Jason Kingsley seems far more tighten about the lethal dangers inherent in his daredevil hobby.

“There have been some death toll of jousting, ” he supposes. “But you typically through inexperience, the mistaken refuge gear, and a lot of bad luck combined.”

Putting on an accurate replication of a prehistoric suit of armour, the 53 -year-old jousts a dozen or so weekends every year.

Holding a 12 ft( 3.7 m) long steel-tipped wooden lance in front of him, he travels a stallion full skin towards another would-be knight reaching at him in a similarly determined attempt to slap him off his horse.

“You are both moving at about 20 mph( 32 km/ h ), so[ if the other person’s lance thumps you] it is like punching a brick wall at 40 mph.