The Internet Is Having Way Too Much Fun With This New 3D Face Reconstruction App See The Unsettling Memes!

The future is here … and it’s terrifying.

PhD students at the University of Nottingham lately launched an app they created that converts 2D photos into 3D designs.

The app takes a color image and overtakes it through something called a Convolutional Neural Network. This results in a 3D magnitude, a cubed portrait made up of smaller cubes called voxels( the 3D version of pixels ).

The makes shared the app on Reddit last week, and the internet immediately had recreation with its newest meme-generating plaything!

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We had some fun ourselves, easily creating a 3D facial reconstruction of Emmy champion Nicole Kidman( above) — but not everybody gapes as stupefying in 3D …

In fact, Tumblr users took the liberty of creating intentionally agitating epitomes expending the reconstruction application. But Aaron Jackson, one of the creators of the app, declared he enjoys looking these creepy inventions born from his technology.

See some horrify pics for yourself( below) and click HERE to improved your own!