The internet loves this clip of Oprah and Ellen laughing about money


Oprah Winfrey worked hard to become a multi-billionaire and owned of a media territory. Now she’s literally laughter all the way to the bank. In a video liberated Tuesday on The Ellen Show ‘ s YouTube channel, Ellen DeGeneres invites Oprah a few burning questions. One of those issues that DeGeneres requests is,” What is your ATM pin number ?”

Oprah greetings,” I don’t have one .” Which isn’t surprising. Why would a multi-billionaire is a need for an ATM?

Oprah then expects DeGeneres about the last period she went to the bank. DeGeneres can’t remember.” A long, long time ago ,” she responds.

Oprah tells DeGeneres she lately went to the bank for the first time since 1988.

” What did you go to the bank for ?” DeGeneres asks.

” To situate a million dollars ,” Oprah says matter of factly.

Oprah says she went to the bank” merely to do it” and even put in line.

Just when it seems like the pair are due to was changed to another topic, Oprah reclines back in her chair and says,” Actually it was$ 2 million .”

The two burst out laughing. They are successful, self-made maids chuckling about forgetting a check was for$ two million instead of$ 1 million. It’s a great moment.

The internet enjoyed the excerpt between the two women.

Some beings were understandably a bit jealous about Oprah having a$ 2 million check simply sitting around.

Life goal: Be so successful that you situate a check for fun.

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