The OnePlus 5T is getting a software update that could fix its biggest flaw

The OnePlus 5T is easily the best cost Android phone money can buy. Virtually everything about the phone is on level: beautiful payment pattern, big edge-to-edge screen, long battery life, headphone jack, and great rate. But the cameras leave something to be desired.

I received the cameras to be average at best, and that’s time not acceptable. Fortunately, OnePlus has sounded the complaints of its customers and is succeeding instantly to exhaust a software update that’ll hopefully improve idol quality.

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei announced the software update on the company’s meetings on Thanksgiving. It’s scheduled to roll out to a private group of testers this week and to all 5T consumers in early December and will be discussing three areas of the camera 😛 TAGEND

1. Improved low-spirited illuminate photography, extremely when it is necessary to detail

2. Improved selfies to have a most natural exposure

3. Beautification mode exclusively on by default in certain markets in Asia going forward

These betterments will all be welcome upgrades, extremely phoning back the “beauty” mode that starts a bit overboard with airbrushing your surface so that it gapes soft and glowy.

I’m is conscious that in certain regions, people actually wish the allure mode, but it shouldn’t be turned on by default. Natural beauty is the best kind of beauty IMHO. Affection yourself and all your shortcomings! So this new change is great to visualize.

In his forum post, Pei doesn’t mention nothing about tweaking epitome processing — the camera is often used to over-process personas a bit too harshly to the point where details are lose — but I’m hopeful happenings get better on that front too.

The fact that OnePlus is already working on an update is actually very impressive. This is what happens when you’re still a relatively small telephone manufacturer and can move really fast. Honestly, if OnePlus can pull off this software update, it is unable to resolve the only thing that’s a deal-breaker on the 5T.

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