This dude wonders on social media if women can orgasm, and the ensuing jokes came quick

If you’re bad at copulation, it’s certainly not advisable to broadcast it all over your social media. And if you’re not sure whether you’ve made a woman orgasm, perhaps it’s best time to speculate eternally. But what it is you do, satisfy don’t do what this poor dude did. Think out loud if the female orgasm is actually a myth.

Because, in essence, what this soldier appointed Kyle reached was to out himself as somebody who’s possibly not very good in plot. And he did it in the name of science. And sexology. And sociology, I suppose.

Naturally, the following farces came quick and in neverending waves.

That criticism didn’t stop Kyle from resuming his section of discovery.

But it elevates this issue: Was Kyle making a subtle prank? If so, bravo; you moron a bunch of beings. Is Kyle even real? It’s iffy. Either acces, Kyle likely didn’t cure himself with this tweet.

Hey, Kyle. Less talking, more practicing.

Anyway, it doesn’t genuinely matter if Kyle is serious or dallying a prank on everybody. Hell, perhaps he’s never had sexuality before( or perhaps he’s the ultimate ladies’ husband who has left behind a trail of satisfied sweethearts ). Either mode, sometimes a good laughter on Twitter, whether it’s true or mistaken, is enough to be the climactic suffer of your day.

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