This dystopia is completely ridiculous

We live in dark and darkly hilarious times. Our life has been an increase so bewildering and involved, in no small-time persona because of the thumb jammed on technologys fast-forward button, that many people have given up trying to make sense of it or to make sense at all. Thats candidly my only explain for some of the craziness out in the tech life these days.

I once pictured Cory Doctorow talk about culminating DRM worldwide in the next decade. Oh, Cory, do you have your work cut out. Consider Juicero. No, wait, stop roaring I convey, obstruct laughable, but not just at that. Juicero isnt merely a VC extravagance poster child which constructed massively overdesigned juice press that could be replaced by, er, your hands: it was also, lest we forget, explicitly protected as DRM for spinach. Make me just say that again: DRM for spinach.

But wait, it gets worse/ better! Not to be outstrip, another startup is crowdfunding wait for it DRM for tap water . I is definitely not making this up. The harrowing true, Im afraid, is that the next decade will bring us exactly the opposite of DRM eradication: instead, anything that can be DRMed, will be DRMed. I look forward to DRM for clean-living breath. Theres probably a Beijing startup on the case already.

Meanwhile, in the field covered by cybersecurity 😛 TAGEND