This golden retriever was famous on Redditand were all crying at her photo tribute

In her most well known photo, she sits in a main office, typing on a laptop and sporting a pink tie-in. She has a malicious grin that encapsulates professed proficiency.

Oh–and she’s a puppy.

A touching tribute to the internet-famous golden retriever was shared to Reddit on Monday by her proprietor John Nebbia, who explained that Bailey died from bone cancer in early 2016. He memorialized his exceptionally well-behaved hound with 100 photos showing off Bailey’s penchant for posing; many of the pics had turned into viral memes across Reddit and beyond.

In his announce, Nebbia addressed Bailey’s Reddit and Imgur fans, explaining that he and his wife, Alex, had to say goodbye to Bailey more than a year ago.

“She may have been semi-famous but she was also our pup and a part of our genealogy, which is why we took our time to let her fans know, ” Nebbia, 29, wrote.

In life, Bailey had been a very good hound and particularly virtuous meme. The bureau photo–famously captioned “I have no idea what I’m doing”–is the one that launched Bailey to internet stardom.

John Nebbia/ Imgur

But before she was a sun, she was a beloved puppy.

John Nebbia/ Imgur

Nebbia, who live in Omaha, Nebraska, said he received Bailey as a gift for his 21 st birthday. He started taking photographs of Bailey wearing his brother’s drapes as a fun prank.

“I was trying to mess with my brother by taking videos on his new camera of her applying his stuffs, ” Nebbia wrote.

John Nebbia/ Imgur

What started as a one-off parody grew regular photo ops of Bailey wearing human clothes and doing human things.

John Nebbia/ Imgur

“We started to notice at this notes that Bailey understood what we were doing and she would constitute for the pictures, ” Nebbia wrote. “She is essentially time extremely very good at remain, for considers of course. She had as much recreation with it as we did! ”

John Nebbia/ Imgur

And formerly Nebbia started posting the photos online, beings sipped them up. The “redneck retriever” series was specially favourite online.

John Nebbia/ Imgur

With Bailey as his muse, Nebbia even get more ambitious with the kills. He worked Photoshop to stage backgrounds where Bailey played various characters.

John Nebbia/ Imgur

“We defined the table and constituted her in all four positions making several photos at each distinguish, ” Nebbia explained. “We had the camera organized on top of a ladder to receive all four positions. She is nursing the cigar with the help of a rubber band. The only Photoshop is putting the four final characterizations together.”

A photo of Baileys in many wigs and costumes gleaned around a Thanksgiving feast was one of the last Nebbia was able to take. He made a time-lapse video of the process.

John Nebbia/ Imgur

“Because you formed her notorious, she made billions of people smile over the course of their own lives, ” Nebbia wrote in his pole. “We will always miss her, but we hope that she lives on through her portraits and continues to bring beings elation and laughter.”

By Monday night, thousands of Reddit mentions had been announced with people showing their condolences and well-wishes to Nebbia. He told the Daily Dot that the response from Reddit was “very unusually overwhelming.”

“I knew people loved her situations, but I never expected such a strong feelings replies from Reddit, ” he said. “The whole occasion is figurative because all Bailey wanted to do in life was make people fortunate … It is very cool that she will be able to continue to make beings smile well into the foreseeable future.”

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