This video on how an 18th-century woman dressed is ludicrously complicated


If you ever would like to know how complicated “its all for” the status of women to get dressed in the 18 th century, this YouTube video from the CrowsEyeProductions channel shows us in graceful item. In five texts: it is complicated as hell.

Apparently, a working woman in the 1700 s had to deal with different forms of switches and keeps and petticoats so she could leave her tiny, heartless bedroom and get ready for a period without Tv and the internet. And it apparently makes eternally to get dressed.

Naturally, some of the YouTube observations were nearly as entertaining as the video.

From LenoraMars: “Soon as I repute she done coming dressed she computes another portion of clothing.”

From lasgsd1: “If this was REALLY the 18 th century she has not been able to have scavenged shaven legs! ”

From lsagail: “Goodness. How do beings get freaky back in those epoches huh? That’s a lotta layers! I’ve be wearied by the time I contact the stays.”

From BrittKatSlat: “The amount of shit she bind around her waist realized me absolutely crazy.”

But for anybody who enjoyed the video, here’s another section of good word: The YouTube channel said it’s too been commissioned to create a piece on how 18 th-century adults got dressed. That likely will likewise boast knee-high stockings.

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