This wooden Thomas the Tank Engine stunt video is exploding on YouTube

Iconic children’s character Thomas the Tank Engine started life as a wooden doll. He was created by Reverend Wilbert Awry for his son Christopher. Awry made up tales about the instruct for his son, and it wasn’t until his wife encouraged him to write a diary that Thomas perceived its behavior to the public. The first work was published in 1946. The first television showed aired in 1979, and the rest, as they say, is history.

screengrab via The Kids Club – Children’s Music/ YouTube

But Thomas is still around in wooden qualify word, and apparently still having adventures. On Dec. 4, YouTube canal 5MadMovieMakers caused a short movie of Thomas utterly weeping it up on a wooden qualify track. The video has ever been deemed nearly 800,000 eras, and it’s easy to examine why.

The video starts out with some easy jump-starts to warm you up.

But speedily goes into” How the hell did they attract that off ?” territory.

At one point, Thomas is even joined by one of his friends.

The video isn’t new field for the YouTubers, who work with everything from marbles to Hot Wheels to create miniature stunt videos. Undoubtedly it takes them hours of shooting to capture these shootings to see videos that are typically exclusively two or three minutes long.

Just like an bout of Thomas and Friends , the video is not just entertaining but teaches us an important instruction about life: If you work hard and don’t let anything stand in your course, there’s nothing you can’t achieve.

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