Trump allies are in a ‘culture war’ with Starbucks, again

In what is a yearly appearance at this place, supporters of President Donald Trump are back with a vendetta against Starbucks. Backers of the president are mobilizing around a man’s plan to stick to baristas at the chocolate fellowship in an attempt to troll.

Brad Blakeman posted on Facebook detailing his recent see to a Starbucks in Washington , D.C. on December 11, where he threw his figure as” Trump MAGA .”

Screenshot via Facebook/ Brad Blakeman

Sebastian Gorka, Trump’s onetime agent assistant, affixed a screenshot of a photograph of Blakeman’s post with a content of support for Blakeman’s story.

Comments on the Gorka’s post are fitted with support for a new endeavor.

But there are many others calling out the illogicality of uttering money to a company you probably have problems with.

If it feels like this has happened before, it’s because it has. Alt-right personality Tim Threadstone, who is known by his media alias Baked Alaska, incited his adherents and other republicans to get Starbucks baristas to write the president’s figure on their cups last November .

In what he called a” culture combat ,” Baked Alaska accused radicals of stirring white people and white souls feel guilty for supporting the president. His move was aimed at normalizing Trump’s presidency.

But since followers seem it was necessary to do it again, it’s obvious it may not have worked so well the first time around.

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