Uber board member resigns after sexist remark at meeting addressing sexism

In meeting on busines culture, David Bonderman said theres likely to be more talking when Arianna Huffington mentioned having more women on board

Venture financier David Bonderman resigned from Ubers board of directors on Tuesday, after apologizing for making a sexist mention during an all-staff session earlier in the working day about reforming the companys culture.

The resignation moves at a crucial time for the nearly $70 bn ride-hail firm. On Tuesday, CEO Travis Kalanick announced that he would take an indefinite leave of absence and the company released the results of an investigation into allegations of unprofessional behavior, sex discrimination, and a noxious work environment.

During the rally presenting the report to Uber employees on Tuesday, Bonderman interrupted his fellow board member Arianna Huffington with a sexist observe, according to an audio recording of the find obtained by Yahoo Finance.

Huffington said that data showed that once a company had one lady on its council, it was more likely to have a second.

Then Bonderman interjected: Actually, what it displays is the fact that it much more likely to be more talking. He subsequently transmitted an email to the staff defending for his impudent explain.

In a statement released on Tuesday evening, Bonderman announced his comment careless, inappropriate, and indefensible and said he understood the destructive accomplish it had.

I do not want my observations to form distraction as Uber works to build a culture of which we can be proud, he included. I need to hold myself to the same standards “thats been” querying Uber to choose. Therefore, I have decided to resign from Ubers board of directors, effective tomorrow morning.

Bondermans comment came as Uber has tried to reform a corporate culture that has become an exemplar of hick Silicon Valley behavior and disregard for basic ethical standards.

On Sunday, the board elected unanimously to approve the recommendations contained in the report, which was prepared by the law firm of former US attorney Eric Holder. The report was commissioned after a onetime Uber engineer produced a viral blog announce containing allegations regarding widespread sexual harassment and gender discrimination, as well as the institutional failings to handle such matters.

I realize David doing the right thing for Uber at this time of critical racial changes at the company, Huffington said in a statement.

Earlier this week, Uber made Nestl executive Wan Ling Martello to the board. Martello is the second woman, after Huffington, to serve as an Uber director.

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