‘We sold our home to build a social network’ – BBC News

Image copyright Meffu Graphics Image caption Perry, Mollie, Sam and Lisa Hughes are determined to succeed in the social media market.

The Hughes family in Manchester have discontinued their jobs and leant everything they own into building a social network proposed only at sports fans. But can they take on the giants?

“We verify ourselves sitting at the top counter with the large-hearted sons, ” mentions leader Perry Hughes confidently.

“We don’t think we’re taking on the competition.”

It might announce rosy to put your family business in the same tournament as the multi-billion dollar social networks but the Hughes family surely have the passion to give it a go.

Their big idea is GameDay Xtra, which has the forceful dream of hosting a page for every single boasts crew and player in “the worlds” – with even the humblest of leagues able to share their own bulletin.