Your Roomba will soon be able to map out Wi-Fi dead zones in your house

Your Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner will soon be able to do more than only clean the floor. In updated information came to see you soon, iRobot is uttering its Wi-Fi-connected storey bots the ability to measure the Wi-Fi in your home and delineate it out for you.

Roomba 900 succession proprietors will be able to do this via the iRobot app beginning later this month. You’ll find this planned alongside the Clean Map section of the app and be able to button between the two views.

The mapped out Wi-Fi information it specifies isn’t super detailed; it testifies Wi-Fi strength in terms of decibels, which are illustrated as a complexion gradient. Nonetheless, it offers a good enough visualization that you’ll be able to tell where Wi-Fi is weakest and your dwelling. For those in big homes, or in ones with suspected dead spots, you can use the delineate to pinpoint where you should lend a Wi-Fi booster or extender to even out coverage.

Images via iRobot

This Wi-Fi-mapping feature is one part of iRobot’s swelling into the connected home. In 2017, the company also contributed room mapping and Alexa desegregation to this outcome. Colin Angle, iRobot’s CEO, has “was talkin about a” how he examines Roomba and iRobot fitting into the smart residence event on several occasions–namely as a nature to help other smart home designs informed about the chambers in your residence and what’s in them.

” The most important notion that I speculate the home needs to understand is what is a office and what’s in that office ?” Angle said in an interview with TechCrunch.” When we leave the room, we’re happy if the office shuts down .”

If you want to map out Wi-Fi in your home like this, you’ll have to join iRobot’s in-app beta program, which propels Jan. 23, and then opt-in. In the future, the company will include more test-features Roomba owneds will be able to try out, as well.

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