Your Tweets can help predict crime

University of Virginia Assistant Professor Matthew Gerber has discovered a correlation between Tweets and offense. No, folks arent Tweeting that theyre going to knock over a liquor store. Instead, by looking at the GPS coordinates attributed to Tweets as well as estimating a hot delineate of favourite locatings, police can be expected where crime is most likely to happen.

My initial hypothesis was that there would be no correlation between Twitter use and crime. After all, beings dont share with “the worlds” that they intend to or had only just been committed a crime, supposed Gerber. What they do share are things like social events or outings that could to be translated into criminal activity.

Gerber compiled 1.5 million tweets in the Chicago area between January and March 2013. He also grabbed misdemeanour accounts over the same period. He parted out the Tweets based on geographic location and looked at the atrocity data for each area as well as the type of Tweet plays mirths, eatery mentions, etc. to see if Tweet density correlated to crime. It did. The procedure could accurately predict 19 out of 25 atrocity types.

Some municipalities that utilize such approaches as a basis for asset distribution have ensure drastic decreases in violation, pronounced Gerber. Regrettably he cannot yet reply why Tweets predict offense on a causal height but it seems to be working and hes working with police departments in Chicago and New York City to help build out the system.

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